round three [sign up]

This is what we are going to do for this round:

Once we have received at least 15 participants, the round will begin. However, sign-ups for round three will remain open until challenge one closes and voting goes up, on ( I'll edit this when the first challenge goes up ).

In this round, participants will be able to gain an extra skip by promoting the LIMS. To do this, simply make a public post in a journal/community where the LIMS has not already been promoted, and give us the link when you sign up. Note that you can only gain one skip from this, so don't go posting to a million places expecting to get a million skips.

To enter, you must be a member of the community, and it's advised you watch the comm for submission, voting and result posts.

Any additional questions can be asked here, or you can private message myself and/or carnimirie. And remember, this is all for fun!


round three [mod]

Hello everyone! I am your new mod, starfuel, or Ema if you wanna call me that! 8) I hope I'll do a good job, and I hope there will be a lot of participants for round three!

I'll be making two changes, and they are:

-There will be a new layout and profile!

-The time zone will be changed from GMT+8 to EST. ( VERY IMPORTANT! )

Besides those two, everything will be the same! 8) Also, if you haven't gotten your feedback from previous challenges, comment here with the challenge number and I'll get right on it!

I would also love to have co-mods. So please, if you wish to help, PM me!

I will be posting the sign-up post for round three in the next couple of days or so. I hope we get a lot of participation like the last two challenges!

round two: challenge six [results]

Alright, guys, this is the end of round two!

I have a huge thanks to everyone who's participated and voted during round two, and I hope you're all just as awesome for starfuel in round three.

And now...

Collapse )

Congratulations to all of the top three, ♥. Everyone who is currently owed a banner from me (so, winners of challenges one, three and five) will have theirs within a week or so.

yugiohlims is now in the hands of starfuel, and I assume she'll be posting something about round three within the coming days, ♥.

round two: challenge six [voting]

.... fffff. i am so sorry about posting so late, ;A;

✰ Anyone can vote, whether you're participating or not.

✰ You're voting for your favourite icon from each set, and then your favourite icon overall.

✰ Do not vote for yourselves. If this happens, I'll assume you just made a mistake copypasta-ing, and ask you to change your vote. If you don't change it, I'll warn you once before disqualifying you. Also, do not get friends to vote for you; this will result in being disqualified.

✰ There is no special category this week.

✰ The form to use when voting:

✰ Voting ends Thursday 21/5 6PM GMT+8 (Use this converter to find out what time that is in your timezone.)

Voting tutorial

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round two: challenge six

Okay, let’s get this started! As each participant will need to make three icons, this challenge will be open until Monday next week.

Your themes for this challenge are:

Provided Textures
Your icon must feature at least one of the textures provided below the cut.

Collapse )


This theme is up to your interpretation.


Free Choice
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Screencaps can be found at various sites such as Janime, Kokoro no Naka, and Katsa.

Submitting format:

➝ Submit one icon for each theme.
➝ Use the format given above for submitting.
➝ Fanart and doujinshi is not to be used.
➝ Challenge Six ends 18/5 (Monday), 6PM GMT+8 (Use this converter to find out what time that is in your timezone.)
➝ Icons must follow LJ standards.
➝ Don’t post the icon anywhere else until results are revealed.
➝ Submit your icon in this entry; comments are screened.
➝ Follow any other rules seen in the userinfo.
➝ Any questions? Comment here! 8)

round two: challenge five [extension and update]

Uh. Okay. First of all:


There is currently still a tie for both people's choice and elimination. So at this point, voting will remain open until 10PM tonight, unless the tie is broken at any point earlier than that. If the tie is broken earlier than 10PM tonight, the final challenge will be posted tomorrow morning.

If the tie is still not broken by that point, voting will be extended for the last time (and yes, i mean that this time, hardy har har) until 7:30AM tomorrow morning. If the tie is broken by that point, then the final challenge will be posted between 4PM and 5PM tomorrow afternoon.

However, if by 7:30AM tomorrow morning, the tie is still not broken, then this is what will happen:

- Voting will end anyway
- All four participants will advance, regardless of the current tally.
- Challenge six will run as a normal challenge rather than as the final challenge.

I'd prefer it if the above situation didn't happen. So with all that said, please vote here!!!.